Our Story

T I M B E R + B R A S S is an Austin, Texas atelier focused on creating interactive narratives through unique, handmade objects and instruments.


Patrick and I met over an impromptu Scrabble game in the August Texas heat of a backyard bar. He arrived with his board in tow, a relic passed down from his grandmother, still adorning her pantyhose repurposed as a rubber band to hold down the top of the box. We shared interest in how the objects in our lives help to tell our stories - that they are more than their material value; they hold sentiment and character.

That day, Patrick and I instantly bonded over our desire to create, our want to surround ourselves with beautiful things, our playfulness, and our sensitivity and compassion for this diverse world. We knew we had to put our heads and hearts together to share with others, these things we hold so dear in our lives. Patrick tells stories through his handmade objects, and stories are meant to be shared, retold, and connected to the stories of others. It is our hope that the objects we share with you will add even more love, beauty, and function to your environment. We believe that objects should help cultivate an accessible and aesthetic relationship with food, music, design, and the people with which you share these things.

- Lauren


Patrick Feist

Co-Founder/Creative Director/Maker  

Patrick was born a dreamer and maker of creative sounds and objects. As a grown human man (and an often broke musician), he has blended these loves out of necessity and a desire to make something simultaneously functional, unique, and beautiful. When his maker-hands were half their size, he made jewelry holders for his mother to see a smile on her face. Since then, he’s been chasing that feeling with the loved ones in his life by making beautiful objects for them - from instruments and equipment racks for fellow musicians to a carved owl to guard his partner in the night. When he isn’t creating voodoo to chase an owl off a lover’s roof, he records and performs with several Austin bands and his solo project, P.M. Feist. In addition to objects and music, Patrick creates beautiful displays and large-scale string art installations as a showroom designer and visual artist. His creativity has been featured in many blogs, books, and galleries, including Rivington Design House Gallery, PoundcakeNYC, Design Sponge, Hannah Stanton’s Contemporary Upholstery - and in your hearts and homes, so he dreams.

Lauren Wright

Co-Founder/Media Director/Muse

In her past, Lauren was a dancer, actress, and avid trinket box collector - naturally drawn to what is artful and aesthetically pleasing. In her present, she is an educator, writer, and eloquent storyteller - naturally drawn to the art of language. In her future, she is looking for new ways to connect people to accessible and beautiful things through her passion of both language and art. She believes that future is T+B, and she’s excited about sharing these beautiful objects and their stories with others.